The Business Alliance Partnership

Should you have any questions regarding the Business Alliance Partnership, please contact Gregory M. d`Arbonne if you have any questions regarding this program.

Developing a Strategic Business Alliance Partnership with Corporations,
Not-for-Profit Organizations, Community Agencies, and​ Individuals

Who We Are and What We Do

ASIS International is the largest and leading organization for security professionals with 35,000 members worldwide.  The heartbeat of ASIS International is its 241 Chapters, that offers their members a sense of  belonging and well being, and hold true to the meaning and value of this relationship. There are 138 Chapters in America and 103 Chapters in 76 countries.  Eleven of the nation's Chapters are state-affiliated organizations. The Granite State Chapter is one of the eleven chapters. The remaining 125 in the U.S. are city-affiliated organizations.

The Chapter mission is to promote a meaningful professional relationship and dialogue with business executives and community leaders about security and law enforcement professionalism, competence and qualifications, and what value the Granite State Chapter can bring to the businesses and communities to enhance and improve both public and private law enforcement and security capabilities.  Specifically, to:

  • Recruit the next wave of security professionals - strengthen the morale, ethical and professional footing of all who come through our door . . .
  • Instill social values and professional ethics - officer members opportunities for individual growth, professional development and leadership roles that enhance careers . . .
  • Offer educational assistance - two Chapter Memorial Funds and affordable certification courses; supports ASIS International Scholarship Foundation for member's higher education . . .
  • Recognize and honor those who stand in harm's way- outstanding law enforcement service and exceptional distinction in the line of duty . . .​
  • Partner with the business community - in service of Chapter activities

Our goal is to offer members the best quality programs, services and information possible so they may be of greater value to their companies by raising their awareness of diverse threats, and use of advance means in protecting human resources, physical assets and entity property.  These efforts will result in increasing individual effectiveness, efficiency, competence, productivity and ultimately corporate profitability, while simultaneously offering a safe and secure environment for the company and surrounding community. Our strategy in achieving our goal is to establish a Business Alliance Partnership with business leaders to better serve their business security goals through their security professionals and our members.

Strategy One - Promote Membership Professional Development Opportunities:

  • Recruit CEOs to sit on panels: discuss what security issues matter most to C-suite executives - understanding business culture, team-building skills, meaningful and valuable outcomes, performance expectations, and what keeps senior executives up at night . . . .
  • Reach out to members unable to participate in Chapter activities due to commuting problems, living at great distances, employment reasons or confinement due to illness or disability - embrace technology capability to offer members opportunities to advance their professional standing . . .
  • Reach out to Women in Security and Young Professionals - offer opportunities to increase competencies . . .
  • Reach out to members - create meaningful and valuable opportunities that advance competencies - effectiveness, efficiency and productivity
  • Reach out to universities & colleges that offer law enforcement and security curricula and related studies - council students on benefits of obtaining certification in their chosen career path . . .
  • Attract quality keynote speakers - bring best available talent and expertise to our doorstep

Strategy Two - Build Business Relationships

  • Build a lasting relationship with media outlets- promote Chapter special events to the public
  • Introduce social media network on website and the newsletter - offer members another means of communicating with peers, associates and friends
  • Work with ASIS International staff - promote Chapter accomplishments at the national level; ASIS Security Management magazine; ASIS Dynamics publication . . .

Strategy Three - Build A Business Alliance 

  • Build a Business Alliance - inspire business and other not-for-profit organizations to support Chapter activities, seminars, scholarships and other special events such as New Hampshire security fairs; invite business leaders to participate in panel discussions to interact with Chapter members . . .
  • Reach out to businesses, community agencies and other not-for-profit organizations - speak to the Chapter's mission, and character; bring the value and knowledge of security professionals to the forefront; to educate business leaders in a new generation of professional security leaders . . .
  • Expand outreach program - more federal (including military), state and local law enforcement and emergency first responder organizations; give back to community by recognizing and honoring those who stand in harm's way . . .​

The Business Alliance Partnership Has Its Foundation in Five Fundraising Tiers & Exclusive Benefits As Illustrated in This Section

What better way to get recognition for your product lines and services and name at one reasonable investment?​ Your generous gift will bring much-needed support to carry out our philanthropic and volunteer work. 

It only takes a few minutes to join the Business Alliance.

Here's How To Get Started

  • Review the Business Alliance Chart above and select the plan that suits your market strategy and supports your budget
  • Review the benefits of joining the Business Alliance
  • Review the Agreement Terms and Conditions
  • Should you have any questions, or need help in completing your order, or require a signed copy of the agreement for your files, please contact Gregory M. d`Arbonne.

Complete The Order

  • Click on the appropriate Platinum, Gold, Silver, Bronze or Friend of the Chapter order button.
  • When the order is processed, you will receive a payment notice confirmation via email,  Once your payment is recorded and processed, our website builder will advise you where to send your digital advertisement, personal message or business card, and inform you when your advertisement, personal message or business card will be posted to the web site and in our newsletter.  See the Business Alliance Terms and Conditions below for detailed information

It's that easy!

As a not-for-profit organization, Chapter members are "Citizen Volunteers".  Our members volunteer their time outside their work obligations and receive no salaries, commissions or other compensation.  Your generous gift will go a long way toward helping us carry out our philanthropic and volunteer work.  Together, business leaders and individuals like you can make a big difference.

Benefits of Joining The Business Alliance Partnership

By joining the Business Alliance, corporations, not-for-profit organizations, community agencies and individual donors will realize significant benefits:

  • The Alliance offers you a marketing opportunity to present company products and services to businesses throughout New England in the Granite State Chapter 101 website for one year (12 months)  
  • Your message will reach New England security professionals and their chief executives and senior management staff.  Chiefs of Police and Fire Marshals, Emergency Medical Response Station Chiefs, Directors of Emergency Management, Homeland Security decision-makers, design and engineering firms, security systems integrators and installation contractors across a wide spectrum of business enterprises are part of our network family.  The business market encompasses banking and financial institutions, the defense industrial base, high-tech manufacturing, research and development centers, hospitality, entertainment and aviation, nuclear power, pipelines, gas and oil ad water utilities, public health and medical centers, telecommunications, university campuses and educational institutions, law enforcement and government, and so many more business entities.
  • Our website - - is our primary means of communications between the Chapter leadership, the membership, and our subscriber base of business partners.  The site generates an average of 3,000 hits on a monthly basis due to regular broadcasts of Chapter events, career postings, course offerings for certification and other industry news.  In addition, the website is the vehicle to register for Chapter monthly sessions, seminars, workshops and other special gatherings that we host throughout the year, including joining the Business Alliance Partnership.

A Special Bonus for Alliance Members

May is National Law Enforcement Appreciation Month.  In May of each year, the ASIS International Granite State Chapter celebrates its success story by recognizing the outstanding service and exceptional performance of those who place themselves in harm's way.

As a member of the Business Alliance, you can use your complimentary tickets to join us in honoring those who serve, or join us at our annual Christmas Party, or split your tickets between both events

Business Alliance Partnership Terms and Conditions

1.  General Terms

a.  The forwarding of an advertising order shall be construed as acceptance of all the rates, provisions, terms and conditions set forth herein.
b.  A failure to make the order correspond to price, classification or otherwise match with the Rate Card shall be regarded as a processing error and shall be corrected as mutually agreed to by the parties without any penalty.
c.  Order are usually taken for a one year subscription (12 months).  Multiple year purchases of two (24 months) and three (36 months) years are encouraged, as these qualify for a 10% discount rate as authorized in Section 3 - Discount Pricing.
d.  We recognize that seasonal messages attract buyer interest, and that products and services frequently change to meet market demands.  You may replace any existing advertisement with a seasonable promotional Ad at any time at no additional cost to accommodate your promotion programs.  When the promotion program is over, let us know and we will revert to your original advertisement or replace it with a new Ad at no additional cost.
e.  Should you not be 100% satisfied with your advertisement, you may cancel at anytime at no penalty to you.  We will refund your investment on a prorated basis for the months remaining on your advertisement schedule.  You must give us 45 days notice preceding the effective cancellation date.  Cancellation requests shall be submitted in writing on company letterhead (email notification is acceptable), addressed to the ASIS International Granite State Business Alliance Partnership Team Leader and signed (or released) by a person authorized to commit the company.  Any balance remaining in the Account shall be refunded within 10 business days.
f.  Any verbal instructions or terms and conditions given by either party that conflict with this Agreement shall be considered null and void.  Any misunderstanding between the parties shall be resolved by officially amending the Agreement to correct and misunderstanding, discrepancies as mutually agreed between the parties, and at no cost to either party.
g.  ASIS International Granite State Chapter assumes no liability for any errors in the advertisement notice or logo received.
h.  ASIS International Granite State Chapter liability for any error on its part shall be limited to extending publication of an Ad for the equal amount of time such Ad was delayed or the return of adjustable charges, as mutually agreed between the parties.
i.  Should the Chapter delay for whatever reason the publication of an Add received on time, the Chapter will publish the advertisement in the next scheduled publication and shall automatically extend the service to compensate for the month or months missed at no cost to either party.
j.  The ASIS International Granite State Chapter reserves the right to reject any advertising order that does not meet the professional standards of the Chapter, or is beyond the bounds of security industry professional ethics, or which may taint ASIS International or Chapterimage, brand, and reputation, as determined by the Chapter Chair or authorized designee.

2.  Digital Ad Submission Requirements

a.  Submit materials electronically, or on a flash drive formatted for Macintosh and Apple acceptance.
b.  The preferred format for submitting finished ads is a hi-res (300dpi) jpg file with all fonts and hi-res CMYK images embedded.  Do not down sample below 300 dpi when creating the jpg file.  Make sure the file includes crop marks and bleeds.  Do not include color bars and registration marks.
c.  Live color and B7W photographs should be scanned at 300dpi.  Scanned-in line art, such as logos should be scanned at 1200dpi.
d.  Furnish the Ad and your company logo as two separate jpg files.

3.  Discount Pricing

a.  Payment is due in full before any work begins.  A 10 % discount will be applied to multiple year subscriptions (two and three year subscriptions).

4.  Warranty and Closing Dates

a.  The closing date for the submission of all new digital orders (including seasonal orders or replacement orders) shall be the 10th day of each month preceding the publication month to allow sufficient time for the creation of the next month's publication.
b.  In the event the 10th falls on a Saturday, Sunday or holiday, the closing date will be the next business day.

5.  Copy Regulations

a.  Any changes or modifications to orders shall be submitted in writing (email messaging acceptable - no text messages).
b.  The requester assumes all liability for any errors in the content submitted for publication and for correcting errors on the digital file originally submitted.  Both parties agree to indemnify and save harmless each other from all costs, claims and legal proceedings for the unauthorized use of any person's name or photograph, or any sketch, map, work, label, trademark, copyright material, or any libelous statement arising out from the contents submitted.

6.  Approvals


Thank you for your selfless generosity on behalf of ASIS International Granite State Chapter 101, and for your interest in making our story a success.  Thank you for joining our professional family

Our effectiveness as an organization solely relies on the support we receive from corporate and individual donors like you.