Region 5F News

Region 5F News


Feb 24, 2021 3:24 AM

Susan Coleman


From Mark Gaudette, CPP,CFI, LPC
         Director of Asset Protection

         Big Y Foods, Inc. 

         Region 5F SRVP

For those of you that may have missed the update by Jon Gann, Chair of the ASIS Awards Committee at the 2021 Leadership Exchange we have put together a brief overview.

The purpose of the ASIS Awards Committee is to set the standards of excellence and to recognize the important work of ASIS members around the world with awards that celebrate their accomplishments and dedication to the security management profession.

Over the past two years, the Awards Committee has dedicated tremendous effort to ensure that all awards, regardless of which ASIS entity administers the award, are consistent in having fair and transparent policies and procedures.

In 2021, you may notice that a number of award policies and procedures have been revised to clarify objectives, eligibility, and selection criteria and process.  The two Awards that you might be especially interested in and that were significantly revised are the I.B. Hale Chapter of the Year Award and the E.J. Criscuoli, Jr. Volunteer Leadership Award.
In addition, the Awards Committee is pleased to announce three (3) New awards:

  • Developed in partnership with the Young Professionals Community, the Young Professional of the Year Award recognizes an ASIS young professional (under age 40) who demonstrates dedication to the security industry through leadership, teamwork, and innovation.
  • The Chapter Communications Award is a new award, incorporating and cancelling the existing Chapter Website of the Year and Chapter Newsletter of the Year Awards. Times have changed and so has the way chapters communicate – this award will recognize overall communications to chapter members, incorporating content and methods that go beyond the traditional website and newsletter formats.
  • Lastly, the Outstanding New/Revitalized Chapter Award recognizes outstanding chapters established within the previous five years or chapters revitalizing following a period of inactivity. We hope to be able to celebrate the accomplishments of newer chapters as well as those that have overcome significant challenges.

For several awards that have been in existence but not proceduralized or the procedure needed to be updated, there are Policy and Procedure documents that identify the selection criteria and make the process transparent for all.  Those Awards include,

  • Karen Marquez Global Women in Security Award,
  • Ralph Day Security Officer Heroism Award,
  • Don Walker CSO Center Security Executive Award,
  • Regional Vice President of the Year Award, and the
  • Joseph N. Masciocco Senior Regional Vice President of the Year Award revised and renamed to recognized the leadership and continuing support that Joe provided to ASIS Volunteer Leaders over his many years of service.

If you want/need copies of any of these Awards procedures so you or your chapters can know what has changed or what is needed (aka criteria and documentation) for these Awards they are to be posted on ASIS Connects in the Member Resources Library at Member Resources Library - Awards (Link) or please contact Jennie Geisner, Volunteer Engagement Manager and Liaison to the ASIS Awards Committee at @Jennie Geisner
For these awards and the Community Service Award, the application window will open early spring 2021.  All submissions must be submitted ONLINE by 15 June 2021.
If you have any questions please feel free to contact Jon Gann, ASIS Awards Committee Chair at @Jonathan Gann, Susan Coleman, ASIS Awards Committee Vice Chair at @Susan Coleman or Jennie Geisner, Volunteer Engagement Manager and Liaison to the ASIS Awards Committee at @Jennie Geisner