May 5, 2021 Event

Hostile Vehicle Mitigation through CPTED & Landscaping
Guest Speaker
Jonathon Berry - Executive VP, Marshall's LP

Jonathon Berry (EVP) Marshalls Landscape Products (N America) Inc.’

A native UK Englishman & proud Evertonian, I moved to the USA in the fall of 2013 and settled with my family in Amherst NH.

Happily married (25 years) to my wife Jackie and we have three wonderful children; Heather (24), Luke (22) and Emily (15 and a student at Souhegan HS Amherst).

I have been with the Marshalls Group since September 2008 and took on the role of EVP in 2013 with the challenge of opening up a new Marshalls US based business.

Marshalls PLC is the largest British (UK) landscape products manufacturer established in 1880's; our USA office is located in Manchester New Hampshire; old England to New England!

I am an experienced Executive VP/Director with a long & demonstrated history of working in the landscaping industry, the built environment & building materials & security industry.

As well as business administration, I have experience in Landscape Design, Hostile Vehicle Mitigation (HVM) & Landscape protection, Water management, traffic calming, street furniture and natural stone, plus; Business-to-Business (B2B), and Account Management.

I have listed a couple of quick web and video links below. Please take a look at our products and services we offer in the USA. We believe it is something different, new and now available throughout the USA - on this side of the pond! We like to think there is a mixture of UK quality and expertise, combined with US & Canadian creativity, professionalism and ingenuity.

I very much look forward to meeting with you all and sharing a little bit of our history and experience in Hostile Vehicle Mitigation and take you on a journey of our evolution into protecting people, places and critical infrastructure – keep places and people safe not scared.

Marshalls – Creating better spaces!

Marshalls Landscape Protection North America


Based out of our Manchester New Hampshire location, Marshalls Landscape Protection offers a new approach – a design, engineering and specification philosophy that enables highly effective protective and non-protective street furniture to blend seamlessly into urban landscape design.

Our developments in design, manufacture and technology negate the need for bulky and obtrusive products, enabling those who design our city spaces to think more creatively about how they can include protective and non-protective street furniture within landscape design features. 


Landscape Protection & Street Furniture | Marshalls

Hard Landscaping, Commercial Construction Materials, Paving & Drainage Solutions | Marshalls

Crash test and company videos:

Rhinoguard 75-50 Giove Planter Crash Test | Marshalls

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