Why We Charge for Events

The Granite State Chapter is not very large nor is it very fortunate to have large corporate sponsors or a large Treasury. It has always operated on about $1500-2500 dollars - some of which is needed to pay for events like the Law Enforcement Recognition events, awards and operating expenses like the website and domains. We would even make a small donation toward the ASIS Foundation annually – as they in return grant each chapter an accelerator scholarship towards certification and an annual scholarship for the GSX conference. No one on the Board receives a stipend or pay for their services.

The Executive Board of the Chapter has struggled with this question since prior to the Covid pandemic forcing on line or virtual meetings. When everyone was locked down and ASIS was not allowing in person events, it did not seem right to charge even $5 for attendance at a virtual speaking event - even though the Chapter still had operating expenses and attendees received CPEs for their attendance.  

For a small chapter, we have been able to provide membership with a variety of interesting speakers and topics across the gamut of security - be it government, defense, education, food and hospitality, healthcare or other critical insfrastructure or services. And we hope to continue that tradition.

So we now find ourselves having to assess a fee for attendance at our meetings - beginning in April 2023. The Board has initially voted to assess a $30 fee for attendance at these meetings, or a "good will donation".  We'll see how this impacts attendance or our funding and adjust from there as needed.

As always,  we welcome your input on corporate sponsorships, and if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact a Board member.”


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