Ethics and integrity are the hallmarks of our profession.

Ethics and integrity are the hallmarks of our profession.

The Granite State Chapter ​​​is comprised of 88 security professionals specializing in the private and public sectors in security, law enforcement, security-safety related disciplines and emergency responders. Members have a broad base of expertise in Agriculture & Food, Banking & Financial Institutions, Commercial Business Services, Chemical Manufacturing, Defense Production, Government & Law Enforcement, Hospitality & Entertainment, Civil Aviation & Transportation, Healthcare & Pharmaceutical, Medical Centers & Research Laboratories, Telecommun

Town of Pembroke NH Police & Fire Awarded Prestigious Matthew Simeone P3 Award

ASIS Granite State Chapter 101 was honored and pleased to learn its nomination of the Town of Pembroke (Police & Fire Department) was selected for the Matthew Simeone Public-Private Partnership (P3) Award from an international list of nominations. The Town was nominated by Associated Grocers of New England, Inc. - the Town's largest private employer.

Past recipients of this award included the Antwerp Belgium Police (2022), Hanover County Sheriff's Office (2021), City of Glendale Police and many other agencies since the award's inception in 2011.

Why We Charge for Events

The Granite State Chapter is not very large nor is it very fortunate to have large corporate sponsors or a large Treasury. It has always operated on about $1500-2500 dollars - some of which is needed to pay for events like the Law Enforcement Recognition events, awards and operating expenses like the website and domains. We would even make a small donation toward the ASIS Foundation annually – as they in return grant each chapter an accelerator scholarship towards certification and an annual scholarship for the GSX conference.

Congratulations to Jason Climer

Congratulations to Granite State Chapter 101 Secretary Jason Climer, who recently sat for his PSP certification on 18 August 2022, and received [unofficial] word that he passed his exam.  

As Chapter Chair Brian King (PSP) wrote, "ASIS has not certified his results, but as anyone who has taken the test knows, they are unlikely to change.  This reflects so well on the hard work and dedication Jason puts into industry every day and we are very lucky to have him as an active chapter member."

ASIS Promotes P3 (Public-Private Partnership) Day Resolution

I'm pleased to share the great news that the ASIS Global Board of Directors has unanimously approved a Resolution formally creating a global Public Safety-Private Security Day, or colloquially, a P3 (Public-Private Partnerships) Day. The purpose of the P3 Day initiative is to designate one day during the calendar year when ASIS chapters, along with public safety leaders and their private security partners, can plan a luncheon or other event to commemorate and celebrate the many benefits of P3s.

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